Welcome To KLF

   Encounter the presence of God
as passionate worship is released
   into the
atmosphere, drawing
        you into a deeper level

          of intimacy with Him

 Experience the living, breathing
 Word of God
through revelatory
    teaching and preaching
      will empower you to walk
in your everyday life

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    Family Worship Day

    KLF has a family worship day coming on May 31st. We celebrate these special days on months that have five Sundays. All infant and toddler nurseries will check in as normal. The rest of the young people will be integrated into the adult worship service for special singing, Drama's and tag team preaching from the Pastors Staff.


    Knights of KLF

    All men at KLF are invited to participate in the new series called,"Awaking The Sleeping Giants". The power packed series will be every Wednesday night from 7:00-8:00PM. We will host the event in the main auditorium. We are dedicated to equiping the men of our society to rise up and take their place as the spiritual head of their families.